Got some verbatim 16x +r's

Hi i got some verbatim 16x dvd+r. The media code is MCC004 and i burnt them at 12x on my lite-on drive, here are the scan results,

are they good scans?


Look perfectly good to me.

Your scans look good!

They look good to me also! :clap:

ok thanks everyone

Yes great scans!
Thats the best media I’ve used in the past couple years, I got two 25packs of it at Best Buy for half-price at a recent sale there. I’m sticking with Verbatim 16x +R only if possible in the foreseeable future!


Just got my first cakebox of Verbatim 16x +R MCC04’s and here are some of my scans at 16x, 12x, 8x and 6x from my Liteon 160P6s:

I will probably do my burning of these discs at 8x based on these-eh!


I love this media as well!

BenQ 1650 @ 12x

Excellent burn, Banko :clap:…almost makes me want to try that firmware :slight_smile:

I picked up 2 cakes of 50 Verbs from BB. Been getting some really good scans. Been getting some spikes out near the edge on some of scan here

Just to note they are also CMC’s.