Got some questions!

Hi !!

I just bought a Lite-on 40125S and I want to overclock it to 48x, but I got some questions… :

First, what is the difference between 40125W and 40125S ?

Does it matter if I use TDK and Maxell CD to burn even if they are not 48x certified ?

And last, what are the ASPI drivers that you guys are using ??
4.60 and 4.70 from Adaptec, others ??

Thanks for your help !! :wink:


What is the difference between Zone-CLV and P-CAV or CAV ??

Thanks again !!!




Lite-On W models is shipped as P-CAV (32X and 40X) or CAV (48X). Lite-On S model is shipped as Zone-CLV.

Yes not all media sold as 48X is certified for 48X by Lite-On. Quality may also vary greatly.

I install ASPI 4.60 first and then 4.70 (I’m running win XP). The reason for this is that CD-R identifier do not always work if ASPI 4.70 is directly installed without having 4.60 installed.


Thanks for the tip on ASPI 4.6 / 4.7. I was trying to figure out why CDR Identifier wouldn’t work after ASPI 4.7 was installed on XP.

Saved a lot of time. :slight_smile:

ASPI 4.70 causes havoc with a lot of my DVD Ripping apps. I’ve heard that the only improvements in 4.70 are to do with true SCSI devices, can anyone confirm this?

I’m sticking with 4.60 anyway :wink: