Got some new discs (CMC AM3, MCC002)

Went to the city the other day and picked up some LG branded CMC MAG AM3. Got a 50 pack for $15 AUD which is the cheapest I’ve seen blank media in Australia.

Also saw some verbatim 4x +R movie reel discs in a grocery store!! I paid $16 for a 10 pack in jewel cases. Much more expensive but couldn’t pass up the old school goodness.

Initial burn with my 111L on the CMC AM3 discs was really bad looking! Pic is below. Was the first disc of the spindle so I shall try again later with the 111L. The 4167B yielded slightly better results @ 4x and 8x than the 111L managed, but still not exactly what I would consider a top burn. But for the price I am not complaining. The actual discs themselves are very clean without any dust on them, there are no glue problems and it plays back without any problem on one of my slightly fussier drives. Haven’t tried the PS2 yet.

Initial burns on the MCC002 are a great example of quality over price. The burns in my H22N are superb to say the least.

My question to you guys is: Should I buy more MCC02RG20 :stuck_out_tongue: ? Feel free to make any comments or post your experiences/opinions about these two media.

Some links to my scans below:

111L @ 4x
H22N @ 4x

AM3 results are on this page and the one before it.

Of course, might aswell.

I’m getting better results with (TDK-branded) CMC MAG AM3 with my DVR-111D@111L. PIF looks really nasty there mate.


I have some AM3 here, might burn and scan one or two for the fun of it :slight_smile:

@cd pirate - you mean “should you buy more MCC002”? Or am I missing something when you said MCC02RG20? :slight_smile:

I’d buy more MCC002, yes. Your drives seem to like it. :slight_smile:

You mean [B]MCC002[/B] (4X +R) :wink: (MCC 02RG20 is the 8X -R).

Well it’s up to you. I would. It’s all down to the purpose, some people can’t wait for @4X burns anymore, but personally most of the time I can live with the wait, specially since it’s possible to work with the comp during @4X and @8X burns (@12X and @16X are another story with my machines… :bigsmile: ).

Now the question is: is this 5236V you used for TRT’ing the 111 burn extremely fussy? I don’t like the speed variations near the end of the disc, but I’m having second thoughts, as I find it kinda baffling.

IIRC, that is an oversped drive, originally it should read DVD-recordables @12x.

Meaning? :slight_smile:

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that to get a decent high-speed TRT :slight_smile:

I globe, overspeeding should make the drive more fussy. This conclusion is also based on my own experience with SONY CRX320E, which is also reading recordables @12x when using original F/W. So I got the Lite-On SOHC-5232K NK0J F/W and tuned the reading speeds, the name of the drive, thus after flashing I got my TEAC DW-552G, reading DVD±R @16x, DLs @16x, RWs @12x. But with major problems (if you’ve seen my TEAC’s TRTs :doh:, you should understand what I’m talking about ;)).

You do have a good point - when I upped my LG 4163B to 16x read with MCSE, more TRTs failed than passed on it :iagree:…usually right at the end of the disc when the drive was near 16x.

To be honest, I’m not sure whether that’s a bad thing, though. :slight_smile:

First of all, yes I did mean MCC002 , oops :doh: lol

That liteon is extremely fussy. It’s not been oversped from 12x to 16x, it’s been oversped from 8x to 16x :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d say 80% or more of my burns have an non perfect curve when I TRT with this drive. But some burns, like that MCC002 always TRT fine. I TRT’d that same disc a few times to see if it would stuff up but it’s always perfect. I also TRT’d that 111L burn a few times, that got a bit wobbly at the end and it keeps going wobbly. So the drive is quite consistent.

I’m probably going to buy a couple more packs of this MCC002. :slight_smile: I’m putting important backups on it, like my prison break season 1 boxset. Love that show. I’ll need some more discs for when season 2 comes out :stuck_out_tongue:

BTW @ Terminalvelocd, that first burn in this post is a one off. I think the top disc of the spindle was pretty bad or something. I’ve done a few more 8x burns on the 111L and they look far better. At the moment, those AM3 discs are giveaways to the max. I am not using them for anything personal lol. Certainly not with that amount of jitter.

I still have six MCC 002 (MIS, Sony, video box) and four MCC 002 (MIT by CMC, Verbatim, printable in jewel cases) and I’m afraid to burn them. I guess my Plextor would be the best choice?

FE/TE test will show they’re nothing special :wink:

You’ll make Evilboy cry :wink:

Sure? I’ve stored them in anti-warp position, that is vertically, for a prolonged time. :slight_smile:
(And the MIS ones were stored in anti-warp position in the shop as well. I paid a fortune for these MCC 002 :eek: )

Maybe it’s time for more TYG02 and YUDEN000 T02, then?

My only Sony MIS (video-box) :sad:

Think my HP MIT are better (too late to dig them out now) :wink:

I buy some LG 16x -R ( CMCMAG AM3 ) and have really good results with them burned with H42N@H44N at 16x.


What’s your pre-burning-anti-warping method with discs in spindles? Do you put them in individual cases, or do you have the spindle lying on its side? It sound silly, but I’ve tried that (second option) and I’m really not sure that it was a good idea. Now my method is to put the spindles upside down (and vice-vera) every 3 weeks… :bigsmile:

I will stay away from CMC MAG AM3.

I try to stay away But I got it TDK - HP - Memorex ( Inkjet printable ) :a

You have any LGs (I know you do hehe)? Because at the moment, both my LGs are spitting out really nice burns (H22N and 4167B). You should give them a shot. Btw, don’t mean to rub it in but there were like 40 packs or so of those MCC002 10 packs at this supermarket. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll post a burn from the 4167B in the test section shortly.

Btw, it seems that my two LGs both burn very well @ 4x to MCC02RG20 and MCC002.

In almost every burn on those discs I have low PIE/PIF and jitter below 8% jitter. If anyone thinks LGs are good at very high speeds, they are also good at very low as well lol. Even with some high speed media they do pretty good @ 4x.

As for the CMC. I have had some alright results that look like what other people have posted. It’s not too bad and is working ok at the moment with my dvd players.