Got some CMC MAG E01



Scroll down this page for some results I have had with the media. I’ll be updating each day.

Also, I found out that my H22N’s ZCLV strategy for this media is also broken. Just as with my MCC02RG20, this media also produces a coaster when the drive decided to shift to 8x.


The scans in the link are about what I’d expect for E01, I get similar results with quite a few burners. :slight_smile:

The H22N burn looks painful though, reminds me of the TYG01 burns I saw on the 4167B (actually, to be fair, those were much, much worse) :bigsmile:


What results do you get on the H22N at 4x?


Update coming in about 5 minutes. I’ll say right now, 4x in the H22N is not that good.

Did a few burns on the good old LH18A1P as well.


CBF posting the H22N results in the media section, I’ll just do it here lol.

Jitter is high. But the errors are fairly low, except in that one spot. The 16x scan looks ok too.

But not my best drive for this media, as the 111L and LH18A1P are having a great battle right now for the quality championship of CMC MAG E01 2007!!! :bigsmile:


[I]P-CAV is superior to Z-CLV in any way. :)[/I]
Already said that five days ago. :stuck_out_tongue:

It definitely seems to be the case with LG burners.
I wonder what the new H42X series with DVD-R @ 8x P-CAV do :bigsmile:


Hehe, well if you swap the Media code or whatever with that MCSE program, it works. But still not very well lol.

Pioneer has always written with ZCLV properly. I wouldn’t say P-Cav is superior but it is faster, that’s for sure.


Burner: Liteon LH-18A1P fw GL0G
Burned at 8x. Scanned at 4x same drive.


TDK +R 8x (CMC MAG E01)
Burner: LG GSA-H22N fw 1.02
Burned at 8x. Scanned at 4x in a
Liteon LH-18A1P