Got rid of my 708-A and it feels right


I picked up an A08X for 1/2 the price of my 708-A. I finally had it. I made a back up spanning several DVD’s using the 708-A and some of the data was corrupt!..

Yeah, it may have worked if I had “certified” media but if you are buying at Best Buy or Comp USA there is no way to tell who manufacted that batch of TDK DVD+Rs.

Anyway just had to sorta vent.

i felt same way about my 708a…bit better about 712a but not much better…using it for scanning only. really wish i didn’t buy plextor drives

1/4 of 4x memorex + rw were corrupted…my collections are *&%^ed up

You can buy @ bestbuy and return it back if not good for your drive, full refund. I just asked the staf in the return/refund section, she said: “you can use only one of the blank in the spindle, and if it’s not good you may return them for a refund.” I reconfirm the word “use”, and she said you can burn or just check it.

With this policy, you should be careful buying media @ bestbuy. I’m guessing they repackage it. I found the other day, when I was looking at Verbatim 8x DVD+R 50 pack on sale for 29.99, there are three left. One of them uses cheap thin plastic seal that covers the entire spindle, and there are 3 rings floating on the top and if you turn the spindle up side down, the media will move. The other two have thick plastic seal that covers only some of the bottom and the wall of spindle.

I wish I had known that about the media… I bought my 708a from best buy a year ago… I tried to return it there 2 days ago he he… I was hoping to get store credit but they said a year was too long. Oh well