Got Q4 and F.E.A.R CD Version

Both CD versions and Made images with ClonceCD the last version of it. It doesn’t Work. All my previous games works fine when i mount the image, but this time it’s not WORKING :sad: HELP please some find something ASAP

Ok i got myself this program Called GameJack Version 5
And so far i’m testing it out, It’s taking me a while to make a Quake 4 Image
I’ve done my FEAR image but i haven’t tested it out yet, i need to wait Quake 4 to finish. As soon as i test it, I will post again and say if it Works or NOT.

Well you’ll need antiblaxx to play FEAR with a mounted image. Quake 4 I’m not sure I bought the DVD version and I just have been leaving the DVD in the drive the last couple days because I’ve been playing it so much. Do a search on google for antiblaxx to find it.
BTW Quake4 kicks butt. Makes Doom 3 look like crap…which it is…that game sux…way to dark and got boring real fast.

This is in the Quake4 readme file:
4. Copy Protection
NOTICE: QUAKE 4 contains technology intended to prevent copying that may
conflict with some disc and virtual drives. In order to play QUAKE 4, you must
have CD 1 or the DVD in the drive.

Think what you will!

Both cd versions are possible to backup without any emulation tool. The thing is to install in a system with no cdr/dvdr software.

hi im new to this

i have both originals of FEAR and Q4… and i want to burn copies for my mates…

i want to ask if this is possible or is there anything stopping me?

also i want to know a foolproof way of imaging both FEAR and Q4 and then mounting them.

if you guys got ideas… please send to my

The fact that what you want to do is illegal might be some sort of impediment. :rolleyes: Tell your mates to buy their own originals.

Hmm, yeah. Police, you pirate. :cop:

Tell your mates to get a job.