Got problem with my DVD Controller

Hi Dears,

I’ve bought 9 pieces of LG GSA 4120B and mount them with my Wytron DVD Controller DVD3000. (Before these I used BTC 1008). When I am trying to copy some DVDs after a good starts and burning a half portion all the recorders hangs because some of the recorders slow than others. The DVD controllers has 32mb of memory storage so when the difference of recording level comes near 32mb between the recorders…the system hangs.

While I use BTC recorders it happens too but the recorders which record fast they take auto pause untill the slower recorders come upto same stage/level.

LG does not do this automatic combination for each other. I have contacted DVD controller manufacturer but they have no clear answer. Can anyone help me giving solution/suggestion. I would be greatful.

Thankyou all.