Got problem to burn with NEC ND-3550A

When I tried to burn Verbatim DVD-R with my NEC RW ND-3550A, when the process went to 3%, there came some problems. First, power calibration error, then all writers idle, stopping conversation, then it took some time in writing short lead-out, and command sequence error and finally couldn’t perform end of disk-at-once, Burn process failed!
What happened to it? I’ve no idea :frowning: Is there any body can tell me what should I do? Thanks a million!
Btw, the software I used is Nero 7.0

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Some things you may like to check.

Make sure you are using the default Microsoft IDE drivers
Check that DMA mode is enabled on the all IDE channels, both in Windows and your BIOS.
Try burning the media slower than its rated 16x speed and see if you can get a disc to burn without an error.