Got new DDR2 RAM and now the computer won't boot up



I just ordered kingston 1gb DDR2 ram KVR667D2/1GR
I have a ASUS P5VDC-X motherboard

I previously had 1gb of DDR Ram (2X512MB)
I just bought the RAM and installed it into the corresponding DDR2 slots.
The computer will not boot up. I have updated BIOS. If I reset my CMOS the computer boots and if I force it to boot without updating time/date it runs windows fine. However once I shut down, and try to boot back up the computer fails to boot. I have to clear the CMOS each time just to get the computer to give me the chance to bypass the initial boot screen.

Do I need to change some kind of RAM settings now that I am using DDR2?


Make sure your ram timings are correct in your BIOS. Some ram require higher voltage than 1.84v. Check your ram specs and make sure you have the correct voltage and timings set in your bios. Are you running DDR1 and DDR2 simultaneously? If you are then that may be the cause of your problem.


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I suggest you to consult your manual for correct configuration and advice about qualified memory vendor list.
You mobo can’t handle newer (high) DDR2 memory speeds.


Most 667MHz modules will run at 533MHz too. What happens with only one module installed? Could be an incompatibility because of Single Sided vs. Double Sided modules.


yeah, all ram can run at a slower speed. I would also suspect the ram voltage needs to be raised. and as already stated you cannot run ddr1 and ddr2 simultaneously.

If you get it up and running, I’d suggest running memtest86 (google it). it has a pure dos program that tests the ram for errors.