Got my RitekR01 at 4X working just fine thanx to Herrie

Hi there, I asked some people if they had some kind of f/w that can burn RITEK R01 at 8X (this can, but crappy results). I’m happy with 4X working like a blast.
If they are others with RITEK R01 and wanna write thos at 4X instead of 2.4X like all other f/w’s out there, they’re isn’t a single f/w that could, before Herrie helped me out. I did 3 scnas, all pretty damn smooth for 40cent media.
Well it worked and now I’m showing some results. The last one is at 8X, that sux. I also added a dvdinfopro screen.

For the same price after rebate you should try this.

I got my 100 pack and they are the same quality as my Maxell +R. RICOHJPNR01 works great for me so far.

Yes, true, RICOH R01 are good, but at 8X they aren’t that sweet anymore, till 6X ok.
I live in Belgium and the only discs I could buy for 40cent were LEADDATA DVD-R, PRINCO DVD-R or RITEK R01 I chose ritek and after a special f/w they write good at 4X.
That’s what I wanted to share with you guys, In the us, yeah there you can get cheaper and better discs…