Got my rebate



Yep my Logitech $35 rebate. Only 2 months. Kind of hard to say no when I took the required stuff directly to their rebate center. Pretty cool. :bigsmile:


Maybe move this to bargain basement? By the way glad you got your rebate!


It’s quite an interesting topic.
I have to say i’ve never understood the rebate scheme, it’s not often used here in the UK.

If i understand it correctly, you buy something and receive some sort of coupon, you then mail in this coupon and get some cash back?
If so, why don’t they just reduce the price of the product at source?


[B]@dee[/B], i would imagine that it would be so it saves the company time and money updating catalogs, and their websites. Thats the only reason i could think of.


I think the only time I ever had a rebate coupon, was back in the day when I bought my Voodoo3 3000. Never had one since!

Mind you, I did have a flyer, giving a url, to get xxx amount off of Nero 7 Premium, when I bought my BenQ (nee Phillips) drive.


Dee they depend on many not following through on a rebate. It’s how they make money. Bad news on their part a major rebate center is 45 minutes away and im up that way all the time.


Thank you :slight_smile:


Ah, thanks for making things clearer. Glad you got your rebate though. :iagree:


Yeah, you did good getting that, from the horror stories I’ve read in the Bargain Basement :eek:


Thank you to :flower:


In Soviet Sweden, rebate gets you!


I’ve never seen rebates in Oz either.

But what I don’t understand is … when the manufacturer offers a sizable rebate … it’d be more than the product was sold to the distributors in the first place!

Having a chat to some of the distributors here, they usually up the price by 20-500% depending on the price of the product. Then retailers add another 10-500% on top of that (again depending on price).

The only benefit would seem to be clearing out warehouses of old stock, which I suppose may be accumulating losses in terms of storage costs.


All sellers should do rebates they way Staples does it with their Ebates. No bar codes to cut out, no mailing in proof of purchase, just login in to their website, enter some data from your receipt and your rebate check comes in the time they say it will. I got a $40 rebate for each of the 200GB Maxtor HDD bringing the cost down to $39.00 each.


Do they ship to Oz? :slight_smile:


Don’t know about oz but when you live and deliver the rebate forms in person it’s sort of hard for them to say no. And im like a mad dog. I attach myself to your leg and you would have to kill me to get me off. They offer a rebate, I expect to get a rebate. I got a way over the top temper.