Got my PS2 finally exploited

I just finished getting the independence exploit running on my ps2. Now I can put my hdadvance discs away for safekeeping, and use the ps1/memcard exploit to load my games off the hdd.
Did all this without a chip, or action replay. Now both my consoles are softmodded.
Yay me! :bigsmile:

Just thought I’d share

Can this be used to run backups off of disc too? And can I use in conjunction with the v12 slim ps2? (I know I can’t use a hard drive)

I think Sony plugged the exploit on the new slim ps2.

there is a program called usb advance that will let you use a usb hd with your ps2. no, i havent used it because i have an older ps2 that i have put a hd in. there is also a flip top that will let you play backups(of games you legally own :slight_smile: ) if you want to read up on

I was under the impression that the ps2’s were usb 1.1 and that the program was a fake. Maybe I’m wrong.

there is some site selling the program, so i believe it to be legit. a friend of mine got ahold of a hacked version (i would never condone that type of thing) and said its incredibly slow as a far as transfering games. I think the slowness was because of his rip speed was too slow (he was transfering for a dvd-rom drive)
i cant try the program because i dont have a hd to test it on, or a newer ps2.
I’ve reading on the program for a few months here -

I am not saying that it is not legit, but just because there is a site selling something does not mean its legit.


Peace and Luv,

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