Got my Pioneer 111D DVD Burner

I finally got my Pioneer DVD Burner after buying cheapo burners and got sick and tired of failed burns.

After burning a few discs I am dissapointed in the results I am getting from nero cd-dvd speed.

I’ve been using some cheapo discs TYG02 and TTG02.
And my reasonable quality Imation Discs CMC MAG E01 000 (00)

The discs read fine in my burner and my other cheaper dvd-roms and burners.

but if I use Nero CD-DVD Speed I get horrible results. I get PI Errors in the 300+ range sometimes reaching thousands. And PI Failures Around 10-50

The same disks burned with my mates Asus burner produce good results. PI Errors 10-50 and PI Failures reaching 1 every now and then.

I have tried running a Disc Quality test on all my drives and they all produce similair results although the discs can be read fine… whats going on here? Did I get a dud drive or are the results because of cheap discs?

Will post some pics when I have some time to run some more tests.

Heres a test using my Pioneer as the reader burned with my Pioneer at 12x and 4x

Will post tests with my other drives tomorrow hopefully.

Cheap TYG02 and TTG02 generally implies fake discs. Get better discs and come back to us with the results. Also, Pioneer drives are not to be trusted as far as parity scanning is concerned.


My Pioneer 111 works best for TYG02 at 8X with the Buffalo 111L firmware. The latest TYG02 I have seen have been very disappointing so you could still get some mediocre burns. The YUDEN000 T02 from shop4tech and others have been the best I can find.

Unfortunatly where I live I cant really get very good discs… They are all rip-off’s or fakes. I have found one supplier who sells Taiyo Yuden but the ID on these discs are the same as my fakes so I dunno… seems pretty dodgy… His website is dodgy also and provied no info of where his store is or anything. Not to mention they are 5x the price of any other discs i’ve seen… but I have had good results with my Imation (CMC MAG E01 000 (00)) in my other burners… I’ll have to buy another batch of those and see how things go…

How about Verbatims? Over here at least, they are much more widely available than TY and the same price as crap media like Emtec, Intenso or Platinum.

Hey Cressida,

I’ve seen and used Verbatim CDR’s before but I havent really seen any DVDR’s. Anything I should look for to watch out for fakes?

I haven’t seen any fake Verbatims in my area (but I don’t know where you are) :slight_smile: