Got my new drive, what next?

OK, so I’ve purchased a BenQ DW1640 drive. What software do I need if I want to copy DVDs 1:1? I’m not talking about transcoding, or shrinking or anything, as it should be unecessary since I have a double-layer drive. So in short, what is the best software to make a backup (and decrypt - from what I’ve read this seems necessary) of my DVD movies?

Also, let’s say I had some PC or PS2 games in DVD format - how would I go about backing these up?
It was a lot simpler back in the day when all you needed was CloneCD :stuck_out_tongue:

free and easy solution - dvdfab decrypter and imgburn for burning DL

I’ve heard about imgburn, but how does dvdfab decrypter compare to dvd decrypter?

And IF I wanted to copy to a single DVD-R, which method would give me the best quality?

dvd decrypter is not updating anymore :sad:, but i’m still using it together with PgcEdit + PSL plugin, dvdfab decrypter works great in 99%

2nd question - speed over quality (transcoders) / dvdshrink (free, great program) or quality over speed (encoders) / dvd-rebuilder + HC encoder (free, HQ, but slower than CCE) or dvd-rebuilder + CCE (HQ, not free)

if you want to spend some money, you can try slysoft products (AnyDVD+CloneDVD)

choice is up to you :flower:

Hi :slight_smile:
You can still use CDClone for 1:1 copies, even DVD’s.

Hmm, I guess i’ll just have to experiment on my own. I’m still not sure how’d you’d goo about copying game/data DVDs though?

Hi :slight_smile:
Like this.

Hi :slight_smile:
& finally.

So CloneCD is still the best? :stuck_out_tongue:
Anyway, I didn’t need it that step-by-step (I’m not entirely stupid you know), oh, and I also wouldn’t be doing it on the fly, image files are my friend.
Thanks anyway :slight_smile: