Got My New 3500-Am I Ever A Happy Camper!




Got my new 3500 from Newegg this am and my first pack of Tayio Yuden 8x -R’s from Rima also this am - burned my first backup copy of Yanni’s “Tribute”-OUTSTANDING!!! (and - yup - it burned at 12x)

The best of both worlds-

I AM one happy camper!!!

Happy Burnin’



Have to agree … burnt my first backup last night with my 3500 and as always I find the best advice here at CDfreaks. Thanks to all of you for the reporting you do here.


glad u so happy…campy


I have yet to find any of my media that are not better in a 3500. Beats Pioneer 107D and Liteon 812S hands down. Off to Ebay they go.