Got my NEC ND-3550a, How can i test it?

hey all,
Bought my 3550 yesterday.
burned a DVD-R (newegg brand :p) of a few bin/cue files and a cd-r. Both burned quietly and nero’s read test (the one that reads the disc after it burns) passed successfully. I’m very happy with the drive but can anyone please recommend me some advanced tests to check write/read quality?

I’m a complete noob in the optical drive category so plz use simple terms.
Using stock firmware cause i don’t need bitsetting and the drive works great.

I’ve been seeing people on the forums running nero cd -dvd speed.
I also ran nero CD-DVD Speed. Here are the results:

plz explain what they mean and how good/bad they are

thanks again

I’m sure there are many members willing help you out. :wink:

But to start with please read here
Before posting next time, read this and this :slight_smile: