Got my Liteon LDW-401S! Now...for analysis!




I am happy, this drive is quiet, stable and so far, with the latest firmware available, it is proving quite compatible with different media (albeit a limited range tested!).

Now, I need people who are into their firmware to tell me…does the drive mechanically have the ability to support (-).

Even if nobody can tell me, I would love to know if the wavelength of the laser/type of laser/drive motor used is in some way different?

And in the instance that its not…lets get the dual format action happening already…:)…




The MediaTek chip is fully capable of DVD-R/RW, thus the BTC Dual format drive. Whether we will be able to make our drives dual format is another question.



any chance of BTC dual drive workin with KProbe PI/PO tests?



Ahhh geeez. I am finding it so difficult to find any real indepth information on my new drive.

I have emailed Karr even! It seems to be that the wealth of knowledge is clustered around cdfreaks, cdrlabs and the liteon discussion panel, and at that, its pretty thin on the ground concerning all things LDW-401S.

Hrm…is there a higher power I should seek out to ask questions to? Or have I hit the brick wall here?