Got my first Dual Layer discs how do I make copies?

Been happy using DVD shrink with DVD43 for all my needs so far on single layer discs.

Don’t want to mess up a disc as using Verbatim DVD+R Double Layer so thought I would research, a little confused as to this layer break issue, can I make reliable copies with the programs I have and what settings do I need to change?

I also have DVD Decrypter but never use it and Nero 6.5 for my main burning needs. I’m not wanting to have to buy software if at all possible, and I’ve noticed a few people mentioned a program called ImgBurn, is that worth using, is it better for dual layer than nero?

Also what’s new is people mentioning putting a movie on 2 discs? Obviously things have changed since I last looked, what programs do I need for that and how easy is it?

Thanks in advance

Use decrypter with imgburn search for imgburn on the net. Imgburn is made by the same author as decrypter and it works flawlessly to burn dual layer rips made by decrypter.

Jamos has it correct. Decrypt to an ISO file and use ImgBurn if you want to go straight to a dual layer disk. ImgBurn is free, easy to use and another top quality program from LightningUK.

As to putting a movie on two disks, I used to do this from time to time using DVDShrink in reauthor mode. Here is the guide found at
This is an early guide, but is still applicable to the last version of Shrink. Of course this is for using two regular dvdrs to back up your movies, not dual layer disks.

Don’t forget to select the .mds file when you burn the ISO file. The layer-break is located in that file.

good tip cynthia! :slight_smile:

Hi everyone,

I recently bought myself a copy of Saving Private Ryan. Like always, I wanted to make a backup to preserve the original. I used Dvd Decrypter (read/write iso), but it failed right near the end.
I’ve been successful with this method once before (I’m new to dual layer burning), so I can’t say I know what the problem is!

DVD Decryptor to create a a ISO then burn it using DVD Decryptor or Imgburn will only work with non Arcoss DVD’s.

To do a DVD with Arcoss to a DL DVD. The easiest way is to use RipIt4Me in ISO mode. This will create a ISO with the Arcoss intact and not removed. As it is a 1:1 copy of the original. You can just use Imgburn to burn it.

I would use Imgburn to burn the ISO’s as it is more updated than the burning part of DVD Decryptor.

Ok i used decriptor and imgburn but plex tools states i have a bad burn.

The movie plays ok as far as i can see

used Q-check TA test in plex tools and out of the

6 zones 4 are not good or bad?

Have most recent firmware, and the media is Verbatim DVD+DL made in singapore

Burnt around 50+ Verbatim single layer discs recently all came up as very good or excelent.

Although tried some single layer datesafe media made by TDK i think, they are on the compatible list, but had bad burns with them, wondering if i should send those back as well as these double layer discs,

anyone got any ideas as to what went wrong