Got my Aopen 1648/AAP Pro

Here it goes… same DVD movie Decrypted on both drives.

NEC 3520A 1.U7 5:02
Aopen 1648/AAP Pro 1.02 4:98

Its faster but not much… it hit 16.4X max on DVD Decrypter. It has a noticeably faster access time compared to the NEC. When I pop a dvd in it takes no time and its ready to play it… The NEC takes a while to recognize there has been a disk inserted. Anyone know of any Modified firmware out for the AOpen 1648/AAP Pro?

There are several post in the firmware forum that will answer all your questions about the Aopen. I know it did mine. :slight_smile:

Thanks I will check it out.

You must be working with single layer DVD. The NEC is slower with dual layer media…between 5 to 8 minutes.

I get 16.5 minutes to rip a new 7GB DL video DVD with Decrypter with my 3540.

How do you get faster speeds?