Got my 5026 Its awsome but?

Hi guys, i have just received my 5026, and it is awsome, thanks to this forum and u guys, i have flashed with the latest 097 firmware, hacked so i can copy macrovision.

Ok i have sussed everything out, apart from after watching for a while, i have noticed somthing odd.

I am running in PAL mode as i am in the UK, at the bottom of the screen, there is a 1 cm black line, sort of where the tv screen does not seem to go down far enough, this happens on viewing and recording through the 5026. Watching tv normally its not there?, the tv is normal.

If i switch to NTSC, which the tv can handle, the line moves to the top of the screen, but is twice as big.

While i run in pal mode, it is hardly noticeable, but never the less it is still there? maybe its the tv?, has anybody else noticed this at all?

I have the latest firmware, perhaps there is a way to adjust?

Thanks guys.

I know I read posts with answers I will help search.

Ps, this has also just happened, i am in the UK, and as you know we only have 5 channels. Unless you have cable or salalite, which i dont.

All channels are fine, except channel 5, wich has constant black and white lines moving across the screen, they are so intense you can hardley see the picture, this was slight at first, but now is so bad it has to be sorted.

Interestingly, if you push the ariel lead in very firmly, it almost dissapears, but soon as you let go the pressure on the lead, bang its back.

I have tried another cable, same thing, and if i disconnet the unit and just use the video its fine, so it has to be the unit.

Interstingly, i had the same problem with an xbox that had a bad earth.

Its always me, i was enjoying it so much WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!

On my 5005 the power plug connection to the back is not polarized, try reversing yours.

If your using the rf in connection on the back is the center wire sticking past the screw connector far enuff?

Yup i tried all this, definately somthing wrong here, if i wiggle the rf leads, ir ranges to watchable, with lines, to the worst, which is here take a look, this a joke, channel 5 is unwatchable???


@Roden - bad picture all right…sure as hell sounds like something is loose cause when you press on the cable it gets better…or your acting as a sorta antennae…Did you try the fine tuning in the setup section for the tuner. I n the states with antennaes we usta wrap aluminum foil around the antennae lead and slide it up and down. Maybe you could try that too.

Will sure try anything, ill let you know how i get on…

Could this be another example of LiteOn using something less than “the best” when putting tuners in their machines?

Hang on a moment - didn’t when CH5 launched they braodcast near CH38 on the UHF band which most video recorders RF output was set to by default? You had to retune the output of your Video RF output to stop interfence. Is it the same on your unit maybe?

I have confirmed it is in fact the lite on 5026 unit causing this.

There is no rf adjust on the unit, therefore no way to adjust it, so basicly, crap!

I contacted Lite-on who just say, please retune your channel

DOH! :doh:

You are not using rf to connect to tv, you should be using scart lead.
rf from vcr’s that you tune in to on channel 38 / close to tv channel five is a problem.

I have 5026 and no problems.

No No, i connect the 5026 to the tv via scart, but the tv signal comes in via rf, as we dont have sky or digital.

And it is the 5026, channel 5 is fine, if i just simply turn on the box while watching channel5 the lines appear.

In setup the 5026 don’t have the fine button where you can adjust?

Yes, but it makes no difference whatsoever, like i say, even if im not on the LITE-ON ouput channel, ie if i am just watching tv, on channel 5, as soon as i even power on the machine, it causes this problem, so fine tuning will not help, just have the machine powered up in the circut is a problem.

@Roden ok, then it is definitely something wrong in the machine then I guess.

Ah well cant be bothered to return, ill just have to wait for digital to come to my area, been waiting 3 years lol

Hi guys, am new to this, so a couple questions.

  1. how can i edit copied movies on the hard drive? i can only edit tv recorded movies/shows on mine.
  2. how can i burn more than 1 movie copied on to the hard drive in 1 disc? i can’t even merge these files. after i put the first movie into the disc, it just finalizes.
  3. can i burn tv recorded and edited shows on to vcd/svcd?

thanks for your help.