Got my 4120B today one question

i thought it supports bitsetting any clue on where to download the tool to do this? the usa site doesnt seem to have any downloads to do this.


n/m guess its built in automatically.

not too impressed with a02 fw my 8x optowrites only have 4x write descriptors…sure hope they add more media support!

GRR even my ritek R03 8x only shows 8x burn…i thought this drive could burn 8x at 12x?? what gives?

ok now im really poed even my Verbatim MCC03s only burn at 8x…ok fw fix is needed even the plextor 712 can burn those at 12x

GRRR how do you BITSET?? i thought it did automatically??

n/m used noad fw it bitsets A02 doesnt. :eek:

onlye NOAD fw supports bitsetting automatically

u guys go try ricoh oem media. will give u great 12x burn. my verbatim also burns at 8x onli, though nero said 12x. ha ha ha

tell us something we dont know…jessh :Z
unfortunatly ricoh 8x media isnt real available here in the states…and im not impressed with the small list of compatable media…this drive seems to burn well with only certain media…not my top pick right now. :a

oh really? what media the LG4120B likes?