Got It To Burn....But Sooooo Slow...Help!

I Finally got Recode to load into the Nero 6 Suite. I finally got to burn a DVD. I finally got to sleep at 2:30am. The freakin’ burn time was like 2 hours. I noticed that I was burning at 1X and the capture time at the beginning was around 35 minutes. I just ran the Nero drive speed diag and the best was 8.39X. I’m hoping that this was an isolated incident? I’m using Memorex 8X DVD-R. :a

Any ideas on the slow burn?

Thanks in advance.

Make sure that your drive is running on DMA mode as opposed to PIO. The PIO mode can slow things down a lot.

OK I for got to mention that all the drives have DMA enabled. My bad. I’m beginning to wonder if this Christmas present could be a piece of crap? I mean I have a Lite-On CDRW that works like a dream. This DVDRW LDW-811S is from Lite-On and I thought it would live up to the job as well as my CDRW. I have noticed that many folks on here are using SOHW models. Have I received a paperweight of a burner?

One note: This DVDRW is installed as a slave since I had a free cable and the existing drive was set as master. I’m wondering if changing the drive to Master could help?

Thanks in advance.

OK I guess I’m a dumb a*#. I do in fact have a SOHW-1613Ss. Checking the product lable on the drive and not looking at what appears in Windows Device Manager. Is this still a good drive?

Thanks in advance.

maybe your bad again, 1613s :confused: . check out this for latest firmware

Ok I read through the thread you forwarded. I see no mention of SOHW-1613S. I see 1633S, but no 1613S. I rechecked my burner’s label and it coes indeed read 1613S. Lite-On says this is the fastest burner along with the 1633S. I gotta find out why it’s so freakin’ slow. I’m on vacation until Jan 27th and will devotye every minute of my time to getting this issue resolved…My GOD I sound obsessed!!! That’s because I can be :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance.

i have not heard of the 1613s. only 1612s, 1633s & 1653s which are constucted with the same hardware just diferent firmware and drive name. go back to the liteon forum and read up on that link i posted or post a question there. i garentee you will get the answers you need there.

Ok, found the problem. After talking to Lite On tech support I found that the wrong firmware may have been included with my writer. Lite On wanted me to send them the burner so they could inspect and return/replace. I didn’t have 4-8 weeks to wait for a replacement. I’m only on vacation until Jan 27th. The original unit was a SOHW-1613s…I went to my trusty WallyWorld (Wal-Mart) and purchased a SOHW-1633s for only $5 more than the first burner cost. Wally World has these on their website for only $79…what a deal.