Got it! cdfreaks Merchandise

Hi Freaks!

Today i got my Shirt, Mousepad and Cap.
I´m very happy :slight_smile:
If you haven´t ordered yet… DO IT PLEASE! Support this site.

Okay, that´s all for now. Kepp on cdFREAKing :wink:


Glad you like it…

may I ask where you live?

Great, got my Polo shirt today.

Well worth the wait guys! :cool:

I am in the UK btw.

Originally posted by Dee-ehn
[B]Glad you like it…

may I ask where you live? [/B]

I live in Germany and daily visit your Site since 4 years i think.
Good information, nice people :slight_smile:


Got my merchandise today, the shirt, the cap and the mousepad.
This makes my day, thanks guys!:bow: :bow: :cool:

Btw I live in Belgium.

Got it too, Belgian post is rather slow I guess :slight_smile:

I got mine on monday:):slight_smile: (Belgium)

Damn, they must make some extra small people out there. I ordered a XXL Polo Shirt and I will probably get to wear it once because it’s too small and it will shrink in the laundry. Oh well, I guess I will consider it a donation. :confused: