Got free upgrade to ts-h552U




i had a friend who had bought a ts-h552b and it went dead so it got rma’d and we got back a replacement ts-h552u (which looks brand new, not refurbished).

wondering if there is any differences between 552b and 552u?

edit: it came with F/W US06 which is latest.


Same hardware, but TS-H552U has better specifications and Samsung supports TS-H552U better than TS-H552B. TS-H552U is Samsung’s firmware-upgraded model from TS-H552B. U replaces B in other words.



Is it feasible to flash a ts-h552b drive with ts-h552u fw?
If so, does this void the warranty?

I’ve read that the ts-h552u is better and have been disappointed in the ts-h552b so much so that I’ve purchased a second drive.


yes it is feasible to cross flash
but you need MTKflash in DOS mode
it has been decribed in the forum before
I have done this before several times back and forth B->U and U->B
check post # 20 there


thanks kenshin+rest for the info



Thanks for the valuable info,

Just one more question.

I’ve heard the ts-h552u is better, is it?

Does the “u” give much better QS or is it just a slight improvement.
Don’t really care about voiding the warranty, at $50 replacement cost it’s easier to just buy a new toy.

Reason I’m asking is that my pc doesn’t have a diskette drive and I’m wondering if it’s worth the trouble to figure out which drive is which and to burn a bootable CD.


Quality cannot be much different. The biggest difference between H552B and H552U is the added feature of 5x to 6x DVD+R DL writing. But I don’t recommend 5-6x DL burning on TS-H552B or TS-H552U (whether crossflashed or not.) Better have Pioneer or Plextor for that. :slight_smile: (Or BenQ: )


thanks Kenshin,

Already have a BenQ and love it, was hoping to see improvement in the ts.
Right now I’m using it as a ripper, which it does a good job at.