Got enclosure + OEM drive: Need power connector?



I just purchased a Pioneer 116 DBK off of Newegg along with an enclosure and I’m unsure whether or not I need to supply my own 4-pin power connector going from the enclosure to the back of the drive.

Here’s the drive:

and here’s the enclosure:

What do you guys think…will I have everything I need out of the box? Or should I start rummaging around for a power connector.




normally all connectors and cables needed come with the enclosure.



Thanks for the tip!


Why not get an external burner?


I actually had the first one on that list, the Samsung, but I returned it because I was having all sorts of odd issues with it.

I used to have a Pioneer 109 in a different enclosure back a few years ago and it worked flawlessly, so i wanted to go back to a trusted brand even if the total package was a little bit more.

Plus this one will have firewire :slight_smile:


You can have a Pioneer for 79.99, not good enough? :wink:
Oh well…


It’s slower and does not have firewire for the same price :slight_smile: