Got DWR1016IM for $25; good buy or not?

This was at Target the other day; I figured their inventory computer had the incorrect price so I bought this thing in case the higher ups fixed it. Here’s my other post about it:

I Googled and found on these forums a thread about the same drive being sold at Staples back around May under the I/O Magic name with IDVD16DL on the box, and with Benq and BTC being two manufacturers. Some of the posters in that topic expressed their negative opinions on discovering some of the drives were in fact from BTC.

Now my question is: If I were to use this on my old HP Pavilion 8550C running Windows 98 (500 megaherz Celeron, 96 megabytes RAM) for only making data CDs, how reliable would it be? I’m thinking of ditching it for a Sony CD writer that’s only $15 more with a rebate, assuming the BTC drive doesn’t perform as well as I’d like it to…

a BTC is never a good buy!


i bought my btc drive just to have for the price, now there so cheap there the price i paid for it when it first came out 1016

with a089 its a decent drive , i am happy with it as a backup drive :slight_smile:

Why do u say the BTC is not a good drive? I have used a btc for over a year and half without any problems at all.

How are your 16X or 12X or even 8X burns with this 16X drive?
Of course it works at 4X, but does is give you decent result when used at its advertised speed?

I have a mitsumi cd burner (which is a BTC) and I am very happy with it!! But their DVD burners are craps, and that’s a fact!!!

mine works great at 8 12 and good at 16x too with a089

I am on my second one now but so far it has given me great results burning TY T02’s
at 8x. It is my backup burner in my backup computer. They seem to die without warniing.
I would personnally buy a Liteon, Benq or a Nec at a higher price just for reliability. My
BTC was a replacement for a Liteon 411 that was under warrantee and no longer available or I would not even have it.

I would love to trust that BTC has improved their drives! can you please provide some scans?

check there for some scans, next few burns i will scan and post for u when i burn with my btc