Got DW1640 in UK, now what?

OK, just ordered a black OEM BenQ DW1640 from for 30ukp or so, now questions before it arrives:

  1. Is there any hacked firmware with speedups/RPC1/riplock/BitSetting yet, is the BSJB the latest stock firmware? Looked around and there is no DangerousBros firmware.

  2. What’s this WOPC thing - and I thought WOPC was supposed to be good, doesn’t the utility turn it off?

  3. Will MediaCodeSpeedEdit work on BSJB yet?

  4. What’s it best at media-wise, I have plenty of 4-8x DVD-R of various makes, but few DVD+R’s, when I buy some more, what should I look for?

  5. What’s SolidBurn that’s coming in the next firmware - is it like BurnProof?

1: BSJB isn’t even out yet if that is what the next firmware is called.
Bitsetting is supported in all of BenQ firmware’s
There is no official over-speeding in the 1640 firmware’s yet…
As for TDB firmwares might be for the first early ones not the most recent firmware I think.

2: You can turn off WOPC if you know the media you have is of good quality in order to decrease burn times.

3: Patience, give ala42 time when the next firmware comes out he’ll get to it when he’s ready.

4: Read over the threads with scans on 1640 media or take a look at the table in this thread.

5: Solidburn is like Plextors Autostrategy the writer learns as it burns the media and can give better results with subsequent burns.

Cheers 8T8.

  1. I thought BSJB had been released - seen a lot of posts about it here - maybe it was just in Germany thinking about it. TDB only have firmware for the 1625 I think.

  2. WOPC is some sort of BurnProof thing then is it - turning it off allows the good media to burn as fast as the drive can (16x)?

  3. OK, not sure it works past BSHB yet even.

  4. I can’t really get my head around millions of scans, I’d prefer a summary of good media/achieved burn speed, kinda like the one on

  5. So will this be backported from the Plextor/Philips rebadges to the BenQ DW1640, seems like a useful thing - although I expect analysing the disc will take time at the start of the burn…?

  1. It isn’t like BurnProof, which protects against underruns… WOPC is Walking Optimized Power Control, it allows the drive to check burn quality as it goes and adjust the laser power as it sees fit. Turning it off means the drive doesn’t take the time to make these adjustments, so burns come out a bit faster.

  2. If it’s anything like the Plextor AutoStrategy, then it analyzes while it burns, and after a few will have a solid strategy chosen, meaning the first couple unknown medias you burn may not be as good as the rest of the pack.