Got dvd fab and dvd shrink and can't burn the movie

can’t copy some movies got dvd fab and dvd shrink and can’t burn the movie…what is the best program out there…neeed help quick

Make sure your DVDFab is current, rip movie only…or give RipIt4Me a try.

Well if you willing to spend some money you can always buy AnyDVD and CloneDVD license from slysoft site or you can download the trial version for 21 and give that a try. The slysoft programs from slysoft has been very good for me to backup my movies. But makes sure you have update firmware burner and good media.

May also depend on your hardware…

What is the movie and what is the error you get when it fails to backup…a bit more info would be helpful (as well as a topic that explains what your question is about, rather than “Help”)

I was having the same trouble but using DVD shrinker and dvd decrypter, i have 1 pioneer & 1 Lite on and neither would work, i was using DVD+R discs that i got from a sunday market no way would they record so i just went down the supermarket and got some Verbatim discs, stuck one in just then and it worked straight away, so as one of the previous post said make sure you have good media, if it applies to you.

Both of those two programs you are using are free and obviously, they cannot coup with the latest Sony DVD protections, you need DVDFAB Premium to buy or as LOCOENG suggested, use RipIt4Me program which little sophisticated to use but it is free.

Guide on How to Use RipIt4Me

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DVDFab isn’t complicated at all…here is a guide. You can rip the movie only and remove unwanted audio and subtitles and on some select titles you don’t even need DVD Shrink afterwards because you’ve removed enough content that compression isn’t needed. Even if left with a file that requires compression just fire up DVD Shrink as usual and then burn with your favorite burn engine…Imgburn is recommended.

This in not really in any way instruction that tells you “How to use RipIt4Me” specially if the reader is newbie. There is way to it then this which only indicates to have latest version of 4 programs.

You didn’t look far enough, if you click on the little green arrow it will walk you through step by step animated tutorial. There are four guides

Wizard mode
1-Click mode
Movie only mode
Iso mode

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That is a pretty good guide, but is a little dated…should include the installers and set-up that are available now. They make it much easier for a new user.

Not really.

The basic princples are there. It’s just a matter of choice weather one perfers to use the automatic installer or you install them one at time,and this is the only thing that has changed. The most important thing here is that you have visual representation. The saying goes that a picture speaks a thousand words.

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I agree. All you need to do to use the installer is very simple. Install DVD Decrypter, DVD Shrink and then use the installer. As for the tutorial above it looks like it should get you through the rest. As in any program you have to do some things on your own to learn how to use it. :wink:

Just an FYI,

The OP stated he was using “…dvd fab and dvd shrink …”, thought I’d point out that dvdfabdecrypter (freeware) as well as the full retail versions of platinum and gold are constantly updated by Fengtao. DVDFab Platinum Beta is current to 11/14, so maybe he just needs to update. I own both AnyDVD and Fab platinum and both are kept very current and both produce great software. Having said this, as we all know, no one software works perfectly all the time and the more tools (like RipIt4Me) I have in the ol’ toolbox…the better.

I agree your average user won’t have a problem installing, configuring and using R4M without the installer…but alot of the posts regarding difficulties ripping a particular movie boil down to not having the program set up properly, paths not pointing to the right places etc. The rest are due to out of date versions.

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Looks like I had Ripit4Me on my mind! :bigsmile:
I use both and sometime get the names mixed up!

Yes the OP did say that, but he also asked what is the best program out there, so he got answered by various opinions.

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