Got .CCD .CUE and .IMG Don't have .SUB What to do?


I’m new to burning CD images and maybe someone could help me out. The problem is that I have a CD image that has three files only: .CCD .CUE and .IMG. I installed the latest version of CloneCD but after selecting the .CCD and just before it looks it’s going to start burning the CD, it ask for a .SUB file.

What does this file do/contains ?? I didn’t get it from the Torrent site. If CloneCD is not the right program, which one is it ??


What is it an image of? CloneCD image files consist of 3 files being .ccd, .img & .sub with an optional .cue. Your download isn’t complete as the .sub file is missing.

Whilst the image files can be burnt by other programs from the .cue without the .sub file, if the .sub file is really required, your burnt cd won’t work.

The image is from a car part catalog. I downloaded it from torrentspy. I assumed it was from CloneCD because of the .CCD extension but the file set came without the .SUB file.

Any recomendation on what other program should I try ??


Contact the car part catalog distributor and request a disc.

If it’s a car part catalogue, it’s unlikely that it is either copyright or copy-protected. (Strange that you should have downloaded it from a torrent sit though.)

Anyway, whilst it’s in (incomplete) CloneCD format, you can burn the image by renaming the extension of the .img file .bin and burning it from the .cue with any bin/cue burning application; e.g. nero, discjuggler, cdrwin, burnatonce (freeware) or fireburner. [Note: if you use fireburner you won’t need to re-name the .img file; just load from the .cue and burn.]