Got any NEC2510a v2.15 media hack yet?

Hi Herrie, with 107v2 Beta 5 for me very poor result with RICOHJPNR01 made by arita, but excellent with v2.15! :confused: Any media hack for it? :rolleyes:


Thanks, you are the man herrie:bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow:
So this will have the same media-support and features that the 1.07 Beta has for the 2500?


This is my first post and I hope it won’t be the last.
I’m a Noob when it comes to DVD tech. but I’m a Hardware Guru and had been into the VGA Bios hacks and game trainers long ago :bigsmile:

I just ordered an NEC 2500A just because of the amazing job Herrie is doing :iagree:

Good Job brother… :smiley:

I’ll recieve my DVD drive early next month because I want a friend of mine to test it for me (he lives in the USA and the drive from as I don’t live in the USA.
I also order Ritek G04 media after reading some +ve opinions about it.

Any way, Herrie keep up the good work.
I’m waiting for the latest BIOS from you :cool:

I ordered a 2510 from newegg a few days ago, only about $20 more, and does dual layer. NEC say a modified 2500 is not to be used for dual layer burning. Can you change your order? I did, after initially ordering a 2500 like you.

I have the Dangerous Bros FM, but I’m holding off flashing my new nd-2510a drive until this comes out. Thanks, Herrie.


is it possible to flash the external usb connected drive using dos? i normally can using windows flasher but i have never tried the dos flash using usb drive. thanks

double post sorry

Not likely since USB normally does not work under DOS.

You’d either had to remove it from the enclosure and connect it to your IDE port to flash it. Or just wait for the Windows flasher to be made available.


I don’t know if my friend can…infact he recieved the 2500A today!
Also many people reported that 2500A can do DL, so why the xtra 20$ ???
I can save them to buy a component cable for my XBOX :bigsmile:

Because its not guaranteed. If your optical pickup unit is not calibrated well for dual layer media, it’ll get real costly, real fast. If you’re buying a new drive, spending that extra $20 to know that NEC has the laser unit tuned for dual layer media is worth it in my opinion.

Now, if you already had a ND2500A, then its a nice free bonus, that if it works, great. If not, you’ve lost nothing.

I’m not sure if it’s calibration only that’s different. For $20, why take the chance of burning coasters? With DVD-DL, one or two coasters more than makes up the difference in price.


Is there any firmware out there that can make a 2500a look like a 2150a to the computer? Asking cause I just got my drive today and want to make sure it’s the real thing, but no DL media :confused:

Look at the sticker on the top of the drive. If the NEC sticker says ND-2510A, then its most likely the real thing.

If its missing its sticker, then there is a good chance it could be a ND-2500A with a hacked firmware. I think I’ve seen two or three reports already of people getting drives without stickers.

I would definitely return it if the drive is missing the sticker.

Is there a way to look at the firmware and be able to tell? Cause all the released firmwares on the net are hacked, right? So then if I could tell if the firmware of my drive hasn’t been region unlocked etc.

I believe you could flash a 2500A with the official 2510A firmware. It does not have to be a hacked firmware. Other than the sticker you have no way to tell whether it is a fake in those case.

Where would you get the firmware from?

Once again, 2510a, not 2150a.

Yes, there might be. Examples ?
The v2b5 by Herrie with the DL implementation for the 2500a.
This drive might as well be called 2510a if you like :

And therefore I gave you an advice in this [COLOR=RoyalBlue]thread

Yes, there’s a way, but you need to be an expert in defining the differences.[/COLOR]
2 versions to choose from.