Got any NEC2510a v2.15 media hack yet?

Guy is the NEC2510a v2.15 media hack available yet?

Ps: can anyone post a link to download s the official Nec2510A firmware from nec to me?a 100% non hack one,

i need to reflash back to original but did not back up the old one, my drive start to have tiny bugs like if i put it to secondary slave, every time the pc power up, the dvd tray pop open automatically, if i set the drive at secondary master, the tray won’t pop out but the HDD led won’t go off,

weird, who is using this drive NEC2510A?,(not a 2500A hack to 2510A)what firmware are you using best?
please tell me i’ll try it.

Thanks in advance

I saw this. Not sure if its what you’re looking for.

Hmm i thanks but i think its clear that a 2510A media hack is not available yet…
or is it? can anyone tell me herrie maybe?have you hack it yet?i need it so badly, i got tones of 4x media won’t burn at 4x but 2.5x, using 1300a is possible to burn at 4x, please anyone ???

That’s true. But you were asking for a non-hacked one. That was the closest that I could see.

Herrie wrote (search the forum) that stock fw 1.08 for the 1300 allows burning at 4X.

Herrie… where are you? This firmware for me it’s the best, but we need some media hack please… :bow: :bow: :bow:

Anyway thank’s for your hard work! :iagree:

yah its a great firmware but its greater with media hack…please…pleasee :bow:

Herrie! Herrie! Herrie!

Hush ! Hush !
He’s at work .

OK, I will not open my mouth again :smiley:

Very good news!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

beta5dl uses the hp firmware which is nearly the same as 2.15 but with bitsetting and herries media inclusions, it also is not fussy where the drive is sat in the IDE bus.

107v2 Beta 5 will work fine for you! Be sure to have the latest version of Nero! Older version have a bug with the buffer underrun on DL drives!

Hi there, my first post on these forums. First of all, thank you very much to Herrie for all his great work on these firmwares. Really good of him to do all this for the community.

Secondly, I just received my 2510 today, and it’ll only burn my 8x Datasafe Ritek’s at 4x, which is kind of annoying. I’ve been advised to go for this firmware flash to be able to burn them at 8x. Is this one a safe one to go for? It’s labelled beta, and doesn’t actually come directly from an NEC firmware if I understand correctly. Also, this will make my drive appear as a 2500, right? Are there still issues with this firmware?

Is there any chance that there’ll be a firware coming out which flashes the drive to a 2510? It’s kinda nice to have the drive appear as the one you actually bought (especially when it’s a more expensive model). Any sort of timeframe on when we’ll be seeing a modified firmware for the 2510 that isn’t beta?

That is the best news I have heard today! Thanks Herrie

So does that mean that in the final version, if I flash my 2510 then it will appear as a 2510 after flashing? Will the firmware be NEC-based or HP-based?

And thanks for the really quick reply to that last one…

Yup it’ll as a 2510! The firmware will be HP-based and will contain bitsetting :slight_smile:

Excellent. Fantastic work, I think I’ll just wait for that one then (despite the glowing praise all your firmwares have received from everyone, some part of me doesn’t quite want to risk flashing a 1-day old drive…). I may just have a get a Paypal account set up acually…

I’ve also sent a complaint email to NEC, saying that it’s a pretty unacceptable situation that to get a highly regarded, quality brand of media to burn at its rated speed (I’m not trying to get 4x @ 8x here), I need to invalidate my drive’s warantee. I suspect that email may go straight to the trash upon them reading it though…

Well… this is the response I got from NEC UK (suprrisingly prompt actually):

Dear Customer,

NEC in Japan encountered a quality issue with the Ritek 8X DVD-R media (RITEKG05), the media was not of a consistent quality. So in order to give good write quality with this media it was decided to drop the write speed to 4x. This is the same on the ND2500A with the 1.06, 1.07 and ND2510A official release firmwares.
Due to the number of complaints on this matter I have requested that the restriction on this media is lifted in future firmware releases. I can not give any recommendations on Hacked, modified and unofficial firmware as they can cause damage to the drive and also void the drives warranty.
You could try media from the recommended list for theND2500A/ND2510A.


Mark Hallsworth

NEC Data Storage Support.


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