Got an RMA DVD+R media w/ NE approved. question. pls. help

just got approved for RMA by NE… in their email they state the following

Please also note that you will be deducted for any missing part or accessory (i.e. cables, manual, driver disc, etc.).
You must return the item in its entirety. Whatever you originally received in your order is what must be returned to

i told them beforehand that i have burnt 18 dvds, and only 3 were readable. so in total, there is only 82 out of the 100. i pretty much just tossed the other 15 discs in the trash as they are unreadable and tested horribly in kprobe (before RMA). what should i do, as there are only 14-days for this RMA? please advise.


Send everything you have!
At the worst they will deduct the cost of 18 DVDs, and you will get most of your money back or have to pay a little bit extra if you are getting replacement discs.
Just out of curiosity, what discs are you RMAing ?

it might sound weird, but the ridata 4x dvd+r (17-132-344 DVD+R RIDATA DRD+474-RDCB100 100PK)…it comes in a blue cake box

i really didn’t want to get a replacement of the same thing, rather get the one that came in the red wrapper–those burns GREAT @ 8x… as for the coasters–my roommate pretty much cleaned and threw the trash away before i had the change to grab a couple.

What media code were those discs? From the reviews on newegg they are supposed to be RICOHJPN, which are good discs. I almost bought this spindle for my new 832S but bought the 50pk Samsung DVD+R instead which have been Taiyo Yuden.

Which Ridata pack did you buy to get those Kprobe scans in your sig?

believe it or not, they were RICOHJPNR01-02h …a bad batch which was weird. why, why me! haha =p

i heard a couple of ppl get bad batches on these ones w/ a blue-cover. i’ll prolly stick to the 50pk red-wrapping one now.