Got an offical reply from Lite On about the firmware upgrade of LTR-40125S

Hi there,

Just come back from the Chinese dicussion forum of Liteo on at Lite ON web site.

I got a reply from Lite On, according to Lite On, ask me to wait for the Firmware release in Download page soon for the Lite On 40X . Also according to Lite on, he comments that P-CAV writing can shorten the CD-R burning time for ten more seconds.

Hope the firmware is released SOON.

Anyone knows if there will be a P-CAV firmware upgrade for the Lite-On LTR-32123S drive ??

So no exact date when the new F/W will be able for download? This new firmware is great news. The lite-on will become #1 again for 40x burning.:slight_smile:

Another question. The new firmware does add mt ranier, right?

For sure, the forthcoming firmware will add P-CAV an Mt. Rainer support onto it.