Got an Idea to Save Spirit? Mars Rover Engineers Are All Ears

Today, NASA is offering a chance to go one-on-one with the team of engineers who are working to free the stuck Mars rover Spirit.

So if you’ve got an idea for how to liberate the Martian rover from its sandy trap on the red planet — or have a question for how the engineers are working on ways to get the rover out — today’s NASA webcast is the time to ask. Call it Operation: Free Spirit.

Spirit has been stuck in Martian dirt up to its hubcaps since May 6, when it became mired in a dirt patch (now called “Troy”) while driving backward.

I have an idea send someone who has nothing to do here on earth up there to move it out of the dirt. Any Ideas who they should send?

Arachne would be the perfect choice. She is light, agile and has her own fur coat. :wink:

I just knew someone here would be right for this job

Lift each wheel individually, turn 100% … put down a tad & spin slowly. Stop, lift, straighten & then put the wheel down again as quickly as possible … to pack the sand down a tad - repeat except in the opposite direction.
Then repeat for each wheel … a few times … until eventually it’s stepped it’s way out of the hole :wink:

It’s not rocket science … oh wait … maybe it is :iagree: