Got an audio cd-r that i cant copy, all soft shows it as a data cd

right, borrowed this cd-r off a mate, he bought it from a shop, but its on a cd-r, anyways, its a maximes one.

right will play in a cd play, but wont play in my dvd player, PC etc etc.

all the software ive tried to use to extract it to mp3 just either fails saying that the disc is corrupt, or that its a data cd and please insert an audio cd.

clony xl says its an unknown copy protection (not sure what version of clony)

anyways, any on else had any experience with this, or know how to get round this, just want to extract to mp3 for my player


p.s. ive read through the forum, and so far no luck

scan it with a-rray scanner and tell s the album name.

It might also help to have a look at the disc-layout with Isobuster.