Got an ACER 4x4x32 with probs

I am a NEWBIE. (Sounds like an AA introduction).

Formatted a Maxell 700 MB CD-R with Adaptec CD Wizard 2.5 to be writeable - to transfer files to a laptop. Laptop has UDF reader software.

Adaptec software formats disk upon eject to be readable in CD-ROM drives. Transfered files to laptop a few times well enough.

Now when I try to make the disk writable again, can’t do. Adaptec tells me the current data is unrecognized - can’t be made writeable. Suggests using Adaptec Scandisk, which is unable to repair the volume.

The data can still be read from the CD.

Anybody know how to make the CD writeable again.

Much appreciated.

You can’t re-format a cd-r disc! You need a cd-rw disc to be used with DirectCD