Got a strange error when I'm burning DVD+R

In Nero 9.2, I never select this option before, call determine max. speed. I use Maxwell 16X DVD+R. And I set the burning to max., which is 18X.

the software came back and said:

“Can only read at 8X instead of 18X, because speed of source data is too slow”

How can that be? The source is a SATA hard drive. Is this a bug from Nero?

If you check this option, Nero first reads all data from the source drive to determine how fast this can be done and then suggests the maximum writing speed. For a SATA HDD, I think 8x is too slow. But this depends on the data you want to write to your DVD. If you have a compilation of too many small files, then this max speed will significantly drop. If it is an image file, then there must be a problem with your setup.

If I were you, I would check the UDMA settings in windows (HDD & ODD) and defragment the HDD before moving on to anything else.

Is it an image file, or a data compilation you’re trying to burn?

It’s a single layer DVD, not a IMO file, just 4 big file in Video_TS, so I will defrag the drive and see what happens.

I have been burning at 12X on single layer and so far it verify fine.

[QUOTE=happy hopping;2275396]I have been burning at 12X on single layer and so far it verify fine.[/QUOTE]

The fact that you select 12x as burning speed does not necessarily mean that the burn is done at 12x. It starts at much lower speed, eg 6x and it accelerates. If the HDD cannot keep up, then the burning speed drops again. So, you may end up with a 8x burning speed again or lower. If you use ImgBurn you can see anytime the current burning speed.

Anyway, even if the burning speed drops, the whole procedure may be fine,so does the verification :wink:

Nero also show the ongoing burning speed. Anyhoo, I did defrag that drive as well as the cache drive. Now the software is saying it can burn at 12X at the simulation. Although that night I picked 18X. Most of these disc are double layer and I use 6X. That night is a rare occasion that I need to burn a single layer at 18X. So in the end, I have to assume it’s the defrag that does the trick. Thanks again