Got a problem with my asus drw-20b1lt ata



hi there all

i got a serious problem with my asus drw-20b1lt ata dvd writer/burner (not sure not a computer wiz )

i dont know why but when i burn with nero video files sometimes i cant read them after i finish burning it and thats after i am getting a message that the burning was successful.
some dvd works perfectly works perfectly and some just freeze my pc .
my pc freeze till i open my dvd its like the dvd trying to read the files but cant and stuck the pc till i open the dvd

i dont get it the same dvds i burned that dont work on my pc works perfectly on my bro laptop so the dvd and the burn isnt corrupted whats is wrong with my dvd burner ? can someone help me

i am using win 7
if there any more info u need please do tell so i can solve this problem

thanks padrill88


can anyone help me at all ? ??


Hi and Welcome!

could you please tell us, what blank media you are using? Also, what write speed is set.
If you have Nero Disc Speed installed (was part of any Nero installation, not sure if still applicable with Nero9), then please start this application, insert one of these discs and report the output of the “Disc Info” tab.



well i am using nero 8.1,4.4 i know i need to update it but i didnt and i did use start smart and still using it
the burn speed is automatic speed and i forgot to mention this but i started to watch the dvd and it worked but after a day the problem appeared so i dont get it

hope this help a bit thanks



any1 ??


Probably crap media!
Did you update the firmware of your writer?


yeah it works on my brother laptop so i dont get it


problem solved crapy media