Got a plex, recommend some good 730MB cdr's?



I’ve been looking around for those 730MB cdr’s, 80min

I don’t need the most expensive or even a brand name so long as it doesn’t give me coasters. It’s mostly for storage of movies.

I have a plextor 12X scsi burner and a plex scsi cdrom
if that helps.

What do you guys recommend?

(some links i came across)


Firstly a 80min cdr is not 730Mb, it is only 700Mb

74min = 650Mb
80min = 700Mb

there are others with more capacity but depends if your burner supports overburning. It might f**k up the burner


So the 730MB cdr’s are just hype? I have seen sites list them as 80min and 730MB.

Need something in the range of 715-730MB!!!


my suggestion to you is to find some CDRs that are overburnable to about 82-83 min, that should enough for 715-730mb…or you can just try the new 90 min CDR that’s readily available at ur favorite CDR store…

yeah I always find it funny when a manufacturer lists a 80min as 730mb…

here’s how they can the 730mb figure:
they assume 1MB = 1,000,000 bytes
but in reality 1MB = 1,048,576 bytes (it’s binary)

so 700 MB is actually 734,003,200 bytes and thus the 730MB figure…



I use Platinum 90 Min.CDR for Video Storage.
The Plextors are all able to burn 89:59:00,only the new 24-10-40 can burn up to 95 Minutes.

They are great at 12X Burning Speed and play fine on my Scott Home DVD Player838.

I create VCDs and for many Movies ull only need one CD.

Good luck…:wink:


I have got a plextor 121032 and nero regged…i want to burn my platinum 90 min cdr’s but i cant seem to get it to work …do i have to “overburn” it even though it should fit in…


90 or 99 is not a standard size for a cd even 80 mins. (all info read on this forum)

So yes you do have to overburn, you can slect a limit in prefrence in nero, and i have only seen nero to allow this feature.

I just got a 730 mg cd from my friend and i did the over burn test with nero cd speed 2000 and I got 83 mins and 732.

So it proves the fact that you cant have a 80 minute audio and 730 data. But most cd players might not go up 80 mins so might couse problems etc etc.

You get the picture I hope. I will try to burn something at 730 data cd and i will know then.

Lite on seems to be a good writer but the company support sucks.