Got a new 3520A and it's acting strange



Just got this to replace (or maybe coexist) with my 2500A, but I noticed some strange stuff.

When burning DVDs at 8x or 4x, the buffer goes down to 7% for like a second, and the drive’s LED goes off and then back on, sometimes with a very faint clicking sound. This happens oh say 3 or 4 times during a burn. The burn seems fine, tested with Nero DVD Speed and it starts at 6.5x and ends close to 16x, a smooth curve with only the ocasional slight drops (like from 8.50x to 8.20x)

It takes close to 9:25 to burn at 8x, so I don’t think this is affecting burn time.

Also, I tried to burn some Ritek CD-R at 48x, the drive failed at the end, “write error” in Nero After this I’m burning at 40x, no problems.

Is my drive defective or this is normal? I’m not worried about the CD-R writing becase I don’t like to go past 40x even with my 52x Lite-on CD-RW drive. I’m concerned about the DVD writing.


Yes, this is normal. Mine does so as well, and if you do a “create data disc” task with CD-Speed you will notice these dips in the transfer curve, all it does is recalibratin itself to maintain optimal quality :slight_smile:

Ritek CD-R is variable - and NEC is not the perfect CD-Writer, so that is normal too.



I burn all my TDK (Ritek) CD-R’s at 32x and get perfect burns every time for my data storage - even though they will burn at 48x-



I think this is normal as well, I’ve noticed the same thing with my drive exactly as you described. When this happens you’ll probably notice the burn speed decrease a few tenths and the go back up after a few seconds. It hasn’t affected the burn time or quality for me either.


Well, that’s good to hear, I got worried because my 2500A does not behave like this when writing @ 8x… it goes smoothly all the way.

Thanks guys.

PS. Too bad I can’t make a PI/P0 scan to see how are my burns going. Looks like my next purchase will be a used Lite-on, just for scanning.