Got a link to none official firmware for the pioneer 108 please?

Hi I am running the latest firmware on my 108 but my loads of DVD`s are failing all the time so I would like to try a modded firmware if some one knows of one please ??

thanks for any help ! :slight_smile:

My 2 x 109 started to fail a lot also after a year or two , firmware was not the cause as i tried everything .
Software/Media Could be the problem , try just one burning app installed and change to decent media (Verbatim etc).
Or if you have another PC to put it in ,then try that.
If all that doesnt help then i would upgrade your drive as they are all cheap enough now.
Nothing lasts for ever my friend :sad:

Look here if you want to try some modded firmware, hope you solve your problem.

@ jamie147,

It would be helpful if you provided more descriptive definitive information on what your “Loads Of DVD`s Are Failing All The Time” problem actually is.

Your problem could possibly be related to the quality of the blank Media you are using, the particular Software Program used, and/or a procedural error. Unfortunately you have failed to provide enough sufficient information for experienced informed knowledgeable Forum Members to be able to make a meaningful determination as to the cause of your undisclosed problem.


Flashing will and cannot help in such a case.

Try with better media, clean the drive.