Got a iHAS424-98 what should I expect

I havent seen to much about this burner here and my last iHAS424-08 took a dump on me after about 14 days

The iHAS424-98 is a rebadged Optiarc AD-7241S. It should perform similarly to the Optiarc it is based on.

The iHAS424-08 used a MediaTek chipset, whereas the iHAS424-98 uses an NEC chipset. One key difference is that while NEC chipset drives are excellent for doing quality testing of burned CDs, they are generally not as flexible or feature rich as MediaTek drives for testing burned DVDs.

Check the NEC forum for information on the AD-7240S and AD-7241S (the only difference between the 7240 and 7241 is that the 7241 has lightscribe).

[QUOTE=Dirk_Diggler;2452962]I havent seen to much about this burner here and my last iHAS424-08 took a dump on me after about 14 days[/QUOTE]

You wont get smarterase.

Well wonderful. Wish I had read this thread only 3 days ago LOL! No I have yet another optiarc, when I wanted a lite-on! I now have 4 optiarcs, and 1 GOOD lite-on. I need another friggin Lite-on, NOT an optiarc. I wish the LH-20A1H wasn’t discontinued. AWESOME burner/reader. not fair not fair :sad:

Check… see if they have some old stock to move… I needed a new drive for scans since one of my old BenQ’s died and found a LITEON there. You should be able to find some pre-Optiarc badged LITEON drives still in stock for decent prices.

Thanks buddy, but im seeing my favorite model on Amazon :wink: Looks like there are some left after all :smiley:

Ha ha! I may just stop insulting this burner. This is the best burn any of [B]MY[/B] burners have done.
12X iHAS 424 TYG02

I have the Optiarc AD-7240S and it a good drive for DVD burns… I’m just not that fond of it as a CD burner, but I have other drives for that.

Similar problem for me,
i have buyed an IHAS 424-32 and don’t show jitter, and the minimum spped is 5X in the quality scans :frowning:

But in each case, this is the best drive that i have seen

This was sold as iHAS424-98 in North America.

Burn Speed: 16x CAV