Got a BenQ DW1670 in an I/O Magic box for $30 AR + tax at Staples this morning

:disagree: I always check before posting!
The only place I originally looked was here,

Novatech (UK) also list it as UDMA-2, and it’s listed here aswell, so I would be interested in where you are getting your info from. :iagree:

As for there being no 12X write, this is true of the Sony version too. Hopefully it will be taken care of in a future firmware update. :bow:

my 820 is detected as UDMA2.

Is this drive capable of performing quality scans? Zevia’s review of the DRU-820A says “[B]Does not support disc quality (PI/PO) checking.[/B]”

Problem? on the manufacturing label says bq1670 but in device manager is an atapi dvd dc 16X8X5 and it says it does dvd-ram. Can we flash this to a real bq1670 and is there any new firmwares available as this was manufactured in march 2006?? Thanks.

No, I’m 99% sure the drive won’t scan. I meant scans of media burned in the I/O Magic, and scanned on another drive, eg BenQ 1620/25/40/50/55 or a LiteOn.

Sounds fine, my older Benq lists as an ‘Atapi 8xXXX’. It may not be listing as a Benq since it uses a different chipset than the last few Benqs (making it less of a ‘legit’ Benq IMO, but time will tell how well it performs).

ATM this drive doesn’t support Quality Scanning with Nero CD-DVD Speed or any other known tool.

About UDMA mode. zevia got indication of UDMA-4 in review page two, but reading specs it says “Ultra DMA33” ie. UDMA-2.

Ah, ok. Is this a limitation of the Panasonic chipset?

I also posted this in another thread. On the manufacturing label it says its an BQ1670 but in the device manager its a atapi dvd dc 16X8X5. It was made in china . Is there an updated firmware or should I wait for benq update and flash it to a 1670?? Thanks

I just returned the drive, I was going to flash it with Sony 820 firmware but seeing that I could not flash it back, I didn’t use that option. The I/O Magic firmware does not work on this drive. To bad to because it was UDMA4 and had RAM.

Hi Scoobiedoobie: Its a great price if it worked. But for a drive that doesn’t write its not such a good deal.

I don’t think you can do PI/PIF testing with it either. Not sure about Soliburn, I’m guessing it works but I can’t recall. I’m not sure how much of a true ‘Benq’ the Benq fans will consider this drive. Not that it doesn’t necessarily perform well, but it’s not in the same vein as the last few Benqs (1620, 1640, 1650, 1655).

I am interested in your results. Have you burned any discs yet? Please try a 8X or 16X burn and let me know the results. Maybe my drive (which I just returned) was bad. The leadin times were almost 40 seconds with TYG03 media and it took almost 9 minutes to burn at 16X. This is not right.

What is the 1655 UDMA what?

Thanks Storm~

I opened one box at our Staples after seeing that it was in a clear bag. It was also a Benq 1670.

The BenQ 1655 uses UDMA 2.

I wonder why didn’t Benq released the “official” 1670 till now ?

@ Kim Jong please read this here; The first post.

Ah… I did not see this post, however I took your statement literally and checked the official spec sheet, no link was provided.

Even the one in the CDFreaks review states UDMA-2. if this isn’t the case then the spec sheets are wrong.

I would like more feedback on DMA mode from people who own the 820, as [B]ChaoticHead[/B] has stated his is in UDMA-2…

If he is using a 40 pin 40 conductor cable it will be in UDMA 2, but he puts an 80 conductor cable he will see UDMA 4.