Got a BenQ DW1670 in an I/O Magic box for $30 AR + tax at Staples this morning

I got a DW1670 in an I/O Magic (IDVD168DL) box this morning at Staples for $30 AR + tax. Did I do any good?


Yes…you did do good!!

Not so good with the "Post Reply button though. :wink:

Thanks for telling us twice! :bigsmile:

Post some scans if you have time.

I got a DW1670 in an I/O Magic (IDVD168DL) box this morning at Staples for $30 AR + tax. :smiley:


So did I, they had alot of them, 59.99 with a 30.00 rebate, Staples Easy rebate can be done online. ( Ithink)

Hey you guys I just came home and installed this drive that cost me 59.00 with a 30.00 Staples Easy rebate so the drive only cost 29.99+ tax. Much to my surprise its in UDMA 4 with the firmware that loaded. Does anyone know of other firmware for this drive?

Sounds like a good deal. I currently have an IOMagic that’s a rebadged BenQ 1620. How does the 1670 compare to the 1620? I know burning speeds are better for some media. Any other differences? Have people been getting good burns with TY media?

can anyone expand on how to identify the 1670?

any unique packaging? color of packing bag inside the box?

has anyone NOT gotten the 1670?

i already have a 1640 and a 1655…do i try for a 1670 now? goddammit!

You could try to crossflash with Sony 820 firmware. I think 1.0b is the latest?

I’m not sure how you would go about it though as the updater will only flash a drive it IDs as a Sony. You could try BQFlasher and see if it will let you…

As for UDMA, both the Sony 820 and the BenQ 1670 are listed as UDMA-2 in the Review and Preview @ CDFreaks, so you may want to keep the current firmware.

i wouldn’t crossflash as long there’s no benq firmware to flash back.

I also got the BenQ 1670 - couldn’t see any way (other than the fact the clear tape sealing the box had I/O Magic printed, which earlier was one way of Id’ing a BenQ). I did a pretty close inspect of every available box and saw no difference in any so all may be 1670’s.

The Staples sale 16x DVD’s were CMC - but for $8 after coupons for 100, I’ll get some use of of them

yes,please help. i want one too.waiting for this dam weding shower to happen!!!
then i’moff to staples. whoo hoo.come-on 3:00!!

HAHA I’m finally going to be done with work in 8 mins :slight_smile:

Then I’m off to Stpales (only to find they are out of 16x :sad: :doh: )

Don’t try this for the moment! :disagree:
Things can go wrong and your drive can become useless.
Croosflashing, if advisable at all must most probably be done with modified .CVT firmware.

The one I bough this morning doesn’t work, it took 9 minutes to burn a Verbatim x16X+ disc and over 7 minutes to burn a 16X TYG03 discs at 16X. It won’t burn at 12X at all.

I remember reading this about the drive. A MAJOR oversight IMO. Mixed reviews on the 1670, I prefer the 1640/1650/1655, of course $30 is a good price, especially if you used any coupons.

Well I have bad news. Maybe its just this drive but it doesn’t work. It reads fine but it will not reccognize 12X writing and it took over 9 minutes to write a 16X verbatim + disc. It took over 7 minutes to write a 16X TYG03 disc. It has a 38 mbs burst rate and is UDMA 4. Something is wrong, I am taking it back.

Kim Jong, if you check the specs the Sony 820 firmware is UDMA 4.

I opened the bottom of box and packing was clear. I removed from box before buying and it said 1670. Model DW1670 no. 291 -Made in china on march 20, 2006. also on label BQR-DW1670(B). Hope this helps. I will install in one of my computers to test it . Thanks for letting me know its my first real benq .

Well, I bought one this morning, but I got DQ60 no. 291 (Made in China, March 2006). I’m going to return it.