Got a 812s and got on burned disc that play funny

:rolleyes: i have burned 5 backuped movies thus far and one plays funny with video and audio screw ups on my home dvd player. i thought maybe it was the disc cuz its cheap ridata 4x dvd-r media that i have been burning at full speed. im guessing that full speed means 8x but i really dont know. anyway when i play it on the computer it plays fine. not one video or audio mess ups. what gives? is it the home dvd player fuckin up? im thinkin it is cuz its cheap and its at least a yr and a half old. tell me what you think.

probably that particular disc, try burning again. if that didn’t do it, change media brands

It is a well known fact that internal PC DVD drives can read much better than standalone players.
How about posting a Kprobe scan of this disc?

umm, what is a kprobe scan and how do i do this scan. tell me how and i will post the results.

read the stickies at the top of the liteon forum, and check out the media forum as there’s a big kprobe thread there.