Gosh Darn New People!

OK guys, I’ll be the first to admit it, I know everything about computers, but as far as DVD-RW’s, I’m back to newbie status.

Here’s my thing: I have read through these forums, but I am having a hard time following how to figure out how to: FLASH my DVD burners, what firmware is the best for them and how to set up my system to start copying my DVD collection. I can do singles no problem, but me and the inlaws are gathering our collections and making copies of them. And me, being the only computer person in the family, is getting the wonderful job of handling this project! LOL

What I am wanting to do is set up my system to start burning 2 copies at once. I have a regular DVD/CDROM player set up as the source reader, then I have: a BenQ DW1620.OC1 G7H9 and a LITE ON SOHW 1633S for writers. Not a mass media production by any means, but it is doubling my burn time and tying up my system less.

The system I am putting these into is a Dual CPU 64bit Duron system, with 4 gigs of PC3200 memoru running off either Windows Server 2003 (64 bit edition) or possibly Windows XP (64 bit eval edition) on a Tyan motherboard.

I will continue reading the forums, but I would appreciate a little kindness from the Masters of this new area that I am entering. I’m not asking for the fish, but wanting to learn to fish here…

Thanks ahead of time! :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow:



I missed those cpu’s

Just have a look into the BenQ and LiteOn subforums and you will find all necessary info.

Sorry, I meant OPTERON 246 cpu’s. But, I agree, the DURONS were great in their time… Loved them for their OC’ability!

And I have been reading these forums, but it’s like trying to read VCR (remember those?!) programming instructions. But, I’ll keep trying.


Are you just trying to copy already burned disks?
Or make extra copies off processed files from the hard drive?

I am making copies of ORIGINAL DVD’s. We got to talking over the weekend at my nieces birthday party about different collections of movies and TV shows that we all had, and Mom wanted this set, Dad wanted that set and so on and so forth… So they enlisted my help to copy them. But since I only have 2 DVD-RW’s, I thought it was going to take forever (and a day) to make the copies they all wanted (using CloneDVD 1 to 1 copies.) Then a buddy told me that I could make more than one copy at a time as long as I had a source reader and up to 7 copiers. That I could make multiple copies of the same DVD at the same time with no difference in time, all I needed was a DVD burner or 3 or 4 or 5… Just depending on how many copies I wanted at once.

So I found this site and started reading, but I’m very new to this. Hence, my 1st post this morning. I am considering ordering 2 identical burners, and then using them plus the source reader, but I don’t know about FLASHING firmware, if I need to and what sort of duplicating software I would need. the computer system i am putting this in is VERY fast! But i’m not sure that makes a difference with what I am wanting to do.

What it boils down to is my aged mother wants copies of Little House on the Prarie and Dad found out my stinky brother in law has the 1st four seasons of The Shield… It was total chaos after that! Now they all want to trade copies and I’m the computer guru of the family (in a very BROAD sense of the word, but in my family the blind man that leads the deaf is King!)

Pray for me! LOL and thanks for all who are helping me!


Well since in 99% of the known world, it’s strictly prohibeted, I will assume you are
in that 1%. Even dual burning at 8x is a little risky, especially on the fly. Now if you can create near perfect source disks(already burned), it might work. I would just
use nero to burn 2 at a time from processed files on my hard drive(@8x).
You’ll have to use dvdshrink to transcode first. You find the fastest burning to be with
burners on seperate cable/controllers.

This is not as straightforward as we would like it to be. Burning multiple copies simultaneously is tricky business. 1st you have the limitations if IDE controllers. If you’re trying to burn on the fly, the source drive must be on a different IDE controller channel than the destination drive(s). And if there are multiple destination drives, they may need to be on separate channels as well. It’s possible to burn the same source to 2 drives on one channel, but often problematic and usually speed-limited. Even with 2 burners on separate channels, they must be identical in every way. (burn at the exact same speeds)

Also, given that reading drives generally read in CAV mode, they will start out at anywhere from 2x to 4x. Burners start at 4x to 6x, so you can see the problem right there: burn speed is limited to 4x in many cases.

Considering all the above, it’s certainly easier, and often much quicker, to rip the source discs to HD as an ISO at high speed. (DVDDecryptor), and then burn the ISO to whatever drive(s) you can at high speed. That just leaves the problem of how many drives can you burn to at once. Again, speed may be limited if they are on the same channel, so trial and error is the rule. You do not want to see buffer under-runs of any kind.

Now, if you have the burners on separate channels, you have the option of burning to both burners from different processes. this can eliminate some of the potential issues with burners that do not burn at the exact same speed, and you can also stagger the burns so that both are not at max speed at the same time. Having 2 HDs as sources for the 2 burns further eliminates potential bottlenecks, as one HD will usually not be able to supply 2 different burns at more than 6x-8x, if that. However, one HD CAN provide enough throughput for 2 simultaneous burns from the same process.

Considering that you’re backing up video, probably dual layer, your “source” drive may well have a rip-speed lock on that type disc, so you first need to tackle that issue. There are patched firmwares available for some drives that can speed this up to anywhere from 8x to 16x. You might find that one of your burners is actually faster at ripping than your ROM drive. Not sure about the Benq, but the LiteOn can be modded to rip at 16x. Although with many drives, 12x usually winds up being quicker than 16x. Again trial and error.