Gordian Knot + XviD Problems

I recently downloaded the newest version of Gordian Knot as it now supports XviD encoding. Im all for that as I now dont need spyware laden DivX.

Only problem is that when encoding, Virtual Dub Mod gives up an error. So I download the beta update patch, and now it ends up with a status of ‘Not Responding’. Methinks ‘damn’, so I change the encoder to DivX and it works. Well, sort of, just get the stupid ‘Install GAIN!’ screen, but it does work.

I try Vidomi and XviD, it crashes 1 second after starting the conversion.

Im currently downloading latest Vidomi to try that, and I cant post in the doom9 forums (Gordian Knot forum link) as it apparantly waits for 5 days.

Im using the XviD settings from here

Does anyone have an idea of what I can try?

Since Vidomi also crashes it must have something to do with your codec. Try reinstalling XviD. Also check so you don’t have two different builds on your system :slight_smile:
I like Koepi’s builds.

Can you play files encoded in xvid?

Originally posted by Airhead
Can you play files encoded in xvid?

I dont actually have anything encoded in XviD to try it out with, but Im going to uninstall the codec and then try re-installing it and see if that helps.

Well, I can now play and encode with the XviD codec.

I tried the website you suggested Airhead, and now it works brilliantly.
Had a little trouble at first though. Kept getting an error with Virtual Dub Mod, but I went through and set the settings I wanted for XviD and now I can truly say Ive never seen .avi files look this good before :slight_smile:

Many thanks for your help :bow: