GOP errors when editing DVD-RAMs on Panasonic DMR-ES15

Has anyone found that making edits to a DVD-RAM on the Panasonic recorders results in video that chokes DVD burning software when you go to convert the DVD-RAM video to DVD-Video and burn to a DVD-R or DVD+R?

I used to record TV programs on DVD-RAM, cut the commercials on the Panasonic recorder, then use computer software to try burning the video to DVD-R or DVD+R (converting the DVD-RAM video to DVD-Video, of course). However, the burning software would always choke while importing the DVD-RAM video.

When I try importing DVD-RAM video that I have not edited on the recorder, the software does not choke and everything comes out fine. So what I’ve been doing is importing the DVD-RAM video unedited and then using Womble’s MPEG-to-VCR to edit out the commecials that I used to cut with the DVD recorder itself.

My guess is that the problem involves the three “group of pictures” (GOP) that comprise each MPEG2 video frame. It seems that the Panasonic recorders make edits that break up the three pictures comprising each frame, thereby causing software programs to choke on the edited video. Womble’s program apparently respects the GOP “rule of three,” since my burning software has no problem handling Womble-edited video.

My software is DVD Movie Factory 5. However, I’ve tried other programs and they also choke. One program allowed me to repair the GOP error, but that made for a sloppy edit in which a portion of the cut frame reappeared in the video at the edit point.

OK, so I think that my Womble-related solution provides the needed work-around for this problem. My question is why I haven’t read about this issue anywhere. Googling on it shows a couple of other users with the same problem, but no explanation posted. (I finally posted one on DVD Movie Factory’s website.) I would have figured that the problem was a common one given that the editing function is a useful (and thus I would think frequently used) feature of the Panasonic recorder’s DVD-RAM capabilities. How can it be that no one ever noticed?

I ask not because I think I’m clever, but instead because I would like to know if there is a way to make the edits on the Panasonic recorder and still burn to DVD.

Thanks in advance for your feedback.

Record the RAM disc in one session, no breaks, then import that on your PC. Do the editing on the PC. Very few programs are able to successfully import VRO video, and almost none if it contains breaks.

CDan – Thanks for your reply. – TonyI