Googles freeware photo editing and archiving tool Picasa

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 This is one  of those freebies you just don't want to pass up. Late in the spring of 2004,  Google purchased the software program Picasa from the original developers. This  ultra slick looking...
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Why the F has this just come up as “news”? This product has been free for nearly a year now . . .

I got it since ever… Quite good for red eye removing.

It does seem that Google is becoming the new Microsoft. They are taking over stuff, giving away stuff and they nearly have a search monopoly.

Well, at least it doesn’t come with the unwanted additional extra rootkit drm feature supplied with sony’s new digital camers!

YEAH!!! :+:B

good news, lol

Monopoly is a harsh word to use for a company who #1 did not invent the industry #2 has over a doven competitors, 2 or 3of them being MAJOR contenders (MSN, Yahoo) #3 competes in their market openly, freely and “doing no evil” (so far) I just hate how poorly people use the term “monopoly” now-a-days. It seems like just because you are th ebest or #1, you are a “monopoly”. People need to read their dictionaries, I think the Internet (and spell & gramar check) has made everybody dumb.

People use the “M” word because they really like Google and are afraid if it gets too big, it will become corrupted by evil.

When I saw this article title I thought this was about a new version to the software I’ve had on my computer for a year. Eh, maybe not. :+ It’s got some good editing features, but my two complaints are that it resembles the all-consuming Kodak EasyShare software :frowning: and that it leaves crap (indexes, folders, working copies, etc.) all over the hard drive – and for that reason I stick to IrfanView. :stuck_out_tongue:

google future is based on services. It will be impossible to use their software illegally because you’ll have to pay for the on-line access. The free stuff we get now are just teasers. Soon they will start charging us and we will hate them the same way we hate Microsoft.