Google's copyright nightmare

Google’s takeover of video-sharing website YouTube may look like a nifty business move. For the company’s legal team, however, it may soon turn into a long and nasty nightmare.

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I dont see the MPAA/RIAA picking a fight with Google.

I think that the RIAA/MPAA would be very wise to avoid a legal war with Google.

Don’t you think a good legal battle would be good for the consumer? As a consumer we are so losing are rights and giving big brother to much control.

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I don’t see anything happening with Google any time soon.

look how long it took for a law suit to come against the tobacco companies…Videos dont kill ppl…Google has nothing to be afraid of.

The RIAA will back away from any fight with a bigger party.

The RIAA only deals with bullying people that have neither the money, nor the legal ability to fight off it’s massive teams of lying laywers.

I hope the massive amounts of illegal publishing of copyrighted material will make the legal battle too big to even start it. CompuServe owned the .GIF format and never got any big royalties since everyone used GIF massively anyway. It was unfeasible to even start a legal case. Same as hip-hop music: everyone uses each others samples and creates something new with it and couldn’t care less about copyrights.

I can’t believe this, I think people will start sueing google just because it is a larger company. I hope crazy restrictions don’t result from google buying youtube.